Availability Status: NOT looking for a role (Aug 2019)

UPDATED: August 2019. NOT currently looking for a new role.

My particular specialisation is scaling PHP and the LAMP stack. Check my other sites https://phpscaling.com and https://stackoverflow.com/users/6216/alister-bulman.

Usually, I look for senior PHP/Symfony contract roles in west/central London, and based near the Central line (for ease of commute) – or even better, working remotely. Email me (not phone) with information and I’ll get back to you with my thoughts.

If you want to be automatically updated when I add further posts to this site regarding my availability, or add others items to it, then put this url: “https://www.abulman.co.uk/feed/” into Google Reader or another such RSS/ATOM client.

Alister Bulman,
August 2019

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