IDIC - link to USS Excalibur webpage

Star Trek

There are two groups to which I lay my Star Trek fandom on - and contrary to some people's beliefs you can belong to two SF clubs without being a 'bad person' - StarBASE and the USS Excalibur - a good example of IDIC, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination.

The Excalibur was pretty much started by Anne Lindup for something to do, and it grew into the largest SFC group in the world within a couple of years (all credit to Anne and her Tourism management degree tutors @ Bournemouth Uni). Like any good Web Trekker I have a page about it - my mini-Excalibur Homepage.

The other 'string' to my Trek bow actually comes care of the EAD Alexander, the BT/ST/general SF club for whom I write the webpages for (in addition to these). Most months we go over to Cosham for the meeting of the USS Victory, with whom the Alexander is affiliated with through the StarBASE group of clubs.

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