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[Info on the pic] Or the bandwidth-eating 46k other pic! It's Alister!
List of favourites
Babylon 5, (all) Star Trek & SAAB
Burger King Bacon Dbl.CheeseBurger, fries & Sprite
When I grow up I want to be:

Among my interests, as the list above shows, is Star Trek. In Bournemouth (my home) is a SF club called the EAD Alexander. It's part of a UK group called 'StarBASE'.


I've only had an real internet presence for a year now, but before that I was quite well known on Fidonet, the B5_UK and particularly TREK.UK echos (Fidos own Newsgroups).

My particular favourite group are: alt.sysadmin.recovery and These are newsgroups for and by net professionals to rag on about how dumb their Lusers and cow-orkers are.

You've missed the junk logos Of course, it's always under construction, the Web is just one Information-Super-M25 :-)

Go Dilbert! Finally, on the thought of leave 'em smiling here's the link to the Dilbert cartoons! A comic strip that is far too close to hi-tech reality.
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