Alister on a Water taxi, Rotterdam, 2013

Alister on a Water taxi, Rotterdam, 2013

What I’m doing now

I help recruiters find contractors when contractors want to be contacted.

Hi, I’m Alister Bulman. I live in West London and I’m currently:

  • Contracting as a PHP developer, preferring to write systems based on the Symfony framework
  • Helping StreetTeam optimise their APIs and systems ahead of another bumper sales season
  • Writing tools to help people do things better and faster
  • Releasing opensource code that helps produce useful results for others
  • Working on my primary side-project – Contract Availability.
  • Learning all the time – how to write better software, and to get it out where people can use it

If my activities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was on January 28th, 2017

I’m spending as much effort as I can working on Contract Availability (also known as A10Y.com). It started to scratch a personal itch, that I think can help others. Getting contacted by recruiters only when I’m looking, and for the recruiters, finding the contractors that can do the jobs required, quickly.

CREDIT: I stole the idea for this page from Derek Sivers.
Other /now pages are listed at nownownow.com