Hello - Alister, July 2017, here

In case you are wondering what I've been doing since this website was made (in about 1997 - or maybe before!), you can go to the main (and modern) pages of this website to check out my CV, or blogs.

I've kept this as original as I can, some links now go to the way-back-machine at Archive.org, and I've updated email links, to something that would be useful today, but everything else is as it was.

I don't have a solid date as to when this webpage was first put up onto Geocities (nor even a note as to the original URL), but most, if not all date from November 1997, or before.


Any suggestions as to what to put here? :)

Welcome to my humble abode online. Lets lose the regular personal web-page junk from this page right now.
It's also where the bulk of the page is as well!
new! (17 November 1997) Updates to my SF pages here online - Babylon 5 & Star Trek.

No homepage is complete without a link to: Favourite pages.

S'funny, isn't it - without all the usual personal ego-junk on a webpage, it's pretty empty really!

I am always happy to talk to individuals and businesses about producing and maintaining websites as well as more general internet and PC support roles.
I'm based in Bournemouth, in the UK but webpages can be written from anywhere in the world! One of my specialties is generating large, interlinked sites from existing data, such as databases. For more details I can be contacted at alister+geocities@abulman.co.uk.

Here's a couple of fast links...

My commercial webpages

And non-commercial webpages I am responsible for

Other favourites

Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain Internet Censorship worldwide - Just say NO!
Britain attempts to censor Usenet
Say NO to Censorship in the UK
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